As a working professional, your performance gets evaluated once a year, and it doesn’t hurt to do the same for your commercial cleaning service. It’s a good way to pause to evaluate what is working well with your commercial cleaner, and see if there are areas that can be improved. 

It’s also important to pass along complaints so your commercial cleaner has the chance to correct the issue. If you’ve communicated issues and nothing changes, then you have a bigger problem. 

Common Problem Areas

Here’s a list of common commercial cleaner problem areas. Use this list to evaluate how your cleaning service is doing. 

  • Restrooms. Poorly maintained restrooms is a common complaint and it’s a reason people switch commercial cleaners. The restroom should smell fresh, clean, and sanitary.  
  • Dust buildup and glass cleaning. Dirty windows and dusty surfaces demonstrate that they aren’t regularly cleaned. Check your window sills, surfaces of counters and cabinets and glass display cases. Are there dirty fingerprints, dust buildup and dirt? Complete and thorough dusting and glass cleaning should be a fundamental part of every cleaning visit.
  • Carpets. Homes have heavy traffic areas, and these spots need extra attention so that the dirt and stains aren’t ground into the carpet permanently. If you do have a significant spill or stain, let your cleaning service know so they can spend some extra time removing it. Make note of how often the carpets are cleaned as part of your cleaning contract. 
  • Trash cans. An overflowing or smelly trash can is disgusting and can make your home feel dirty. Part of your cleaning contact should include emptying every trash can. 
  • Reported problems. Problems happen because everyone makes mistakes sometimes. However, if you pass along feedback and ongoing issues to your commercial cleaner and nothing gets corrected, then that’s a bigger issue.

Need Help?

Hopefully this information gave you some guidelines to help you evaluate your current cleaning service. If you’re unhappy with your current cleaner and want a free quote, please reach out to us. Our detailed quote provides a list of services, products, and cost. And as always, we’re happy to answer any questions that you might have.