Spray cleaner on counter

We all have them…pesky cleaning problems that bother you each time you clean. You finish cleaning but you forget to research a solution so the problem never gets fixed. Out of sight, out of mind. Good news for you, we’ve done the research and have a list of five common cleaning problems and the solution to fix them. 

1. Dull or discolored chrome or porcelain

Hard water mineral deposits cause surfaces to look dull and some even look chalky. You can easily solve this issue by treating the surface with a hard water mineral remover. For a DIY option, use vinegar. It’s a safe, all-natural household cleaner with the amazing ability to remove hard water stains. You can pour some vinegar in a spray bottle and squirt any surface where you find hard water stains. Let it sit for five to 15 minutes to give the vinegar time to break down the minerals in the chalky, white stain. If it starts to dry out, spray a bit more. Then scrub with an old toothbrush and rinse. 

2. Sticky floors

Sometimes wax buildup can make floors feel unpleasantly sticky to the touch. You have a couple things to try. First, clean the floor with double the amount of all-purpose cleaner you would normally. If that doesn’t seem to fix it, then purchase a specialized wax remover and apply it in accordance with the guidelines on the label.

3. Dull floors

Another common problem is dull floors. If your floors seem to have lost their shine despite regular cleanings, they may be covered with the residue from your all-purpose cleaner. Giving them a thorough rinse should solve this issue.

4. Streaked windows

There are a couple factors that cause streaked windows. One is using too much or not enough glass cleaner. The other is using high absorbency paper towels or using cleaning cloths that already contain wax or fabric softener residue. Try using lower absorbency paper towels and dry, clean cloths and see if your window streaks disappear.

5. Smudged window glass

If your windows still look smudged after you’ve given them a once over with a glass cleaner, you’re probably not using enough product for the amount of dirt on them. Apply more glass cleaner and wipe the glass down with a paper towel or a clean, dry cloth. Keep wiping the windows until the smudges are gone.

6. Cut Grease With a Hot Rag

Sometimes cabinets get coated with kitchen grease and it’s tough to remove. Here’s a strategy to help you cut the grease on your cabinets. First, grab a pair of rubber gloves and heat a slightly damp sponge or cloth in the microwave for 20 to 30 seconds. Spray the cabinets with an all-purpose cleaner that has orange oil. Allow it to sit for a minute before wiping the cleaner off with the hot sponge. If the grease is more stubborn, let the cleaner sit for 5 minutes. Feel free to rinse and reheat the sponge as needed. When you’re done with the orange oil cleaner, wipe your cabinets with a cool, damp cloth. 

If you’d like more cleaning tips or want to hire a professional cleaner for your home, we’re only a phone call or an email away