man cleaning floor

We all aim to have fresh, clean homes, but there are some common cleaning mistakes that can cause future issues in your home. Review the list to make sure you’re not making these mistakes! 

1. Rubbing too hard on carpet stains

Rubbing carpet stains too much can push the stain deeper into the carpet fibers and pad, which makes it more difficult to remove. Plus, it could make the stain spread and look worse. Instead of rubbing the stain, blot to absorb as much liquid you can from the carpet. 

2. Using a spray mop on your floors

Spray mops are easy and convenient, but the floor cleaners in these can leave a sticky residue behind. The residue can make dirt stick to the floor, and make your floors harder to clean. 

3. Allowing water to sit on hardwood floors

If you use a wet mop rather than a damp one, the water standing on your wood floors can warp them. Once you’re done mopping, use a dry cloth so your floors don’t get damaged by standing water. 

4. Using a Magic Eraser on all surfaces

Those Magic Erasers are handy for removing tough stains, but avoid cleaning some surfaces with them. Avoid using erasers to clean microwave exteriors, wood floors, countertops, and anywhere painted with semi-gloss paint because they’ll leave dull spots.

5. Scrubbing painted surfaces

Scrubbing walls too hard with an abrasive cleaning pad can remove paint from the wall and possibly damage the drywall underneath. If your walls are textured, scrubbing can remove it and leave behind a noticeable eye sore. If your wall stain requires scrubbing, it’s best to repaint. 

6. Using bleach incorrectly

Some use bleach to clean rust, mold, and wood furniture. Bleach works because of oxidation, which feeds the rust instead of removing it. Instead, try using a powder cleaner to remove rust. Using bleach on mold can be problematic. Bleach removes the color from the mold, but won’t remove it. So, the mold can continue to grow and spread beneath the surface. Instead of bleach try using hydrogen peroxide or call in a professional if it’s a larger mold problem. If you’re using a bleach-based cleaner to clean wood, it could be taking the finish off of your furniture. 

Hopefully making you aware of some common cleaning mistakes can help you avoid them in the future. If you have any cleaning questions, please reach out. We’re happy to help!