Commercial Cleaning

  Let’s be honest here. How often have you thought cleaning your room is necessary but don’t have the time (or mood) to do so?  

How many times have you looked around your room, finding your favorite sock or scrunchie, and couldn’t find it?  

Isn’t it always important to tidy up your room?

If this happens most of the time with you, worry not because we bring you a quick method to do all your cleaning within 2 hours (well, that might sound too dramatic but the end result is worth it). So grab a journal because it’s time to take some notes! 

1. Take That Trash Out 

       First, it is always better to empty the dustbin so any smell in your room can be eliminated. Next, wash the bin properly and let it dry until you finish organizing the rest of the room. 

2. Put Dirty Clothes Away 

       Keeping all dirty clothes and linens away from washed ones is an art. Not everybody can do that.  Especially on hustled mornings, it is preferable to keep an open laundry basket in your closet or restroom so that you don’t have to collect the dirty piles over and over again. Now, run the washing machine so you can do other chores for the time being. 

3. Fold All Clean Clothes 

       Once you have removed all the clutter, it’s time to organize. Fold your clothes cutely and neatly and put them in the closet, cupboard, or drawers. It will save you a lot of time during your busy mornings. Plus, they will look too cute when tucked in the right space. Get some inspiration online on how to cute fold your wearables and save space simultaneously. 

4. Change Your Bed Linens 

       Now that your floor and closet are all clean and tidy, let’s move on to organizing the rest of the room. Change your bed sheets and dust off any dirt from them. It’s best if you wash them weekly so they can remain neat for a long time. 

5. Wipe Down 

       Over time, furniture pieces may gather stains from spilled food or drinks, or coffee. Scrub off any water or coffee marks because it is just annoying, isn’t it? 

6. Clear Clutter 

      As much as we hate to admit it, we all have unwanted things piling up on our desks or coffee table and even under the bed. Gather some courage, clean it up, and put it in their dedicated places so the next time you have to go treasure hunting to find them.

In the end, mop the floor and spray some nice room freshener so it smells nice and fresh. You can also opt for an essential oil diffuser so it helps you sleep better at night. And there you have a fully organized, fragrant, clean-looking room.  

Good luck on your next cleaning spree!