how to disinfect carpet

We welcome you to the clean industry of clean! Whether you’re new to it or not, we know there’s a process to everything, especially cleaning! Did you know that there are 3 different types of cleaning? Let’s take a look at all of these. 

  1. Regular Cleaning: or cleaning with clarity simply refers to the removal of dirt, debris, and other unwanted materials “Simple Wiping”
  2. Sanitizing: The next stage would be sanitizing. This act focuses on eliminating these pathogens and microorganisms that can transfer germs, such as COVID or the flu. Sanitizing typically uses a chemical agent of sorts (e.g. bleach or even steam), reducing the germs that come in contact with the agent.
  3. Disinfecting: To disinfect, one must let the cleaning agent sit for a specific amount of time, allowing the agent itself to work. When ready, the cleaner removes the agent, reducing the risk for germ and other pathogen transfer.