Wiping down shelves

        AirBnb as we all know is a popular business. It operates an online marketplace focused on short-term home stays and experiences. “Air Bed & Breakfast” allows property owners to rent out their spaces. In order for your home to look presentable to your renters, you can rely on Jonco west for that! Having trouble finding some good AirBnBs near you? We suggest that you follow these tips to ensure you have a great AirBnb cleaning experience!

  1. Check for cleanliness standards: A question on everyone’s mind when trying to find the right AirBnB is usually how to find the cleanest AirBnb. Even more now during the Covid-19 crisis. We highly advise checking if the AirBnb that you’re staying at has cleanliness standards.
  2. Booking far in advance: Planning ahead is always a good idea. Some AirBnBs allow you to scout the premises beforehand.
  3. Read Reviews: As you would read a review for any service. Reading a review allows you to get a live customer update about the host’s services.
  4.  Deciding what’s important to you: If you feel that this is the right AirBnB for you then always go with your instincts.
  5. Message hosts before booking: Might be a good idea to contact the host before booking to get to know them a little better. 

      Hopefully these 5 simple steps will get closer to finding the right AirBnB cleaning services, wherever you may go! Check out Jonco’s latest AirBnB services!